What to Consider When Buying a Power Bank

What to Consider When Buying a Power Bank

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With the use of electronic gadgets, there are always some challenges. The common one is power. For anyone who likes traveling, it’s very practical for you to buy a power bank for it’s going to save you in several situations. When your phone or tablet it depletes power, you will not be able to talk to your friends or even alert anyone one in case of emergency. Although you may wish to buy a good power bank, you may not be able to make a good choice when you don’t know their features.

Physical Size

phone chargingThere are different companies out there that manufacture power banks with different sizes. Some are big and others are small. But why should this affect your choice? Ideally, when you purchase a very big power bank, you will find it very inconveniencing to carry it around with you. As you know that your power bank should be a portable one and very easy to carry. A small power bank can be kept in the pocket and use when need arise.

Check the Charging Ports

There are times when you may not be traveling alone, you may need to help a friend of yours charge their device with your power bank. Or if this is not the case, then you may have other devices connected to your phone or tablet like Bluetooth or MP3 devices. With a power bank having one port, you will miss so much and you will be forced to charge one device at a time. It will inconvenience you and you may not enjoy much. Alternatively, you can choose a power bank having 2 or 3 charging ports. Through this way, you can charge all your devices simultaneously.


This is considered as one of the safety measures for your battery. Anytime you want to purchase a power bank, look for the voltage of your phone. Ensure the power bank you purchase doesn’t have a voltage that exceeds your battery. When you charge a phone battery with a power bank having high voltage, it may cause it to swell. This can make it destroy its cells or explode. On the other hand, when you are charging a battery with a power bank having lower Volga than the battery, it may take time to charge or may not charge completely.


travel power backIn most cases, people buy power banks without identifying their capacity. Do not make the same mistake. Most of the power bank has a capacity of about 2,000mAh-15,000mAh. There are those with about 40,000mAh. Determine how many devices you will be charging and how much power do they need to be completely charged. This will enable you to get the right power bank.


The other crucial factor is the cost of the power bank. Most of the power banks aren’t that expensive but their price varies with qualities. Most of them range between $4 and $100. You can always figure out the amount you can allocate for the power bank. In all cases, always try to go for those high on a budget because they normally have the best qualities. Don’t pay less for something that won’t serve you for a week.

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