Five Reasons Why You Must Upgrade to an IP Security Camera System

Five Reasons Why You Must Upgrade to an IP Security Camera System

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You may feel comfortable enough with your analog CCTV cameras.  But the truth is that the benefits are way more than just that. 

Value for Money

The thing about tech gadgets of any function is that they all have a life span. The sooner you upgrade them and sell what you currently have, the better your profit will be. And the same rule goes with CCTV cameras. The era of analog cameras has come to an end. If you sell them now, you can still probably salvage some money. But if you continue to wait for a year, for example, the chances are that no one is willing to buy them anymore. Your old CCTV cameras go straight to the dumpster. 

Better Performance

Technology is developed, not without purpose. New wireless cameras are also better in terms of signal processing, optical zooming, image stabilizing, and dynamic ranging. In fact, you’d be totally wrong if you think wireless cameras can’t provide image quality as good as the cabled ones. It’s the exact opposite! Wireless security cameras are designed to have all of those features while maintaining versatile accessibility via the Internet. 

Unlimited Scalability

Analog CCTV can be costly when you want to scale the system up. Needless to mention, the wiring can get complicated and become vulnerable to errors. The system may not work by the time you need it the most. With the wireless CCTV cameras, the scalability is technically limitless. You’ll find this function most useful if you want to install a CCTV system in a commercial building. No matter how many rooms are there, you can get them all covered. 

Versatile Integration

system integrationThe best thing about going wireless is that you can sync your CCTV cameras with the alarm system, access control system, and visitor management system. For house owners, a wireless CCTV system can be connected to your phone through a cloud server. It means that you can get commercial-rate security with the most minimal cost. You can monitor your house even if you are not physically there. With a smart hub integration and security cameras that have facial recognition feature, you can even control who are allowed to visit and who are not. Leaving the key under the mat will be obsolete for sure. 


Now that you can conduct surveillance virtually in real-time, you’ll get a better assurance of your property’s security. In case of any breaches, you can gather all the footage videos fast and efficiently to be later used as evidence for the police. You can also be safe from the system being overridden because the data are on in the cloud. 

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