Four Branding Hacks That Can Help You Stick Out

Four Branding Hacks That Can Help You Stick Out

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The survival of a business depends on how well its branding sticks out in the market, especially with today’s rapid growth of startups. Even if your company has been in the industry for years, you should still be concerned with nurturing your brand. And the best way to achieve that is to entrust a professional agency like Off the Lip, for example. But you should learn other tricks as well!

In this article, you’ll learn four branding hacks that can help you maintain and develop your company’s branding. 

Hire the Right Outsourcing Agency

Outsourcing today is the best solution for your company’s non-core tasks, such as customer service, marketing, and content creation. If your business focuses on app development, for instance, hiring a marketing agency allows you to allocate most of your resources to improve the quality of your product instead of wasting them on marketing tasks. Besides, today’s outsourcing business has already integrated with advanced cloud computing techs. It means that you can always access or share your data with the agency in real-time. 

Sponsor Creative Content

creative processSpending your resources on conventional digital ads, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads, will surely improve the exposure of your brand. But most of the audience consider that kind of marketing campaign inorganic. Many people tend to skip ads offered to them by those big platforms. You will still get into their subliminal mind for sure, but there is actually a better way for you, which is to become a sponsor for creative content. 

Pick a content that is relevant to your business and evaluate the creator. Platforms like Patreon and YouTube are the places to do that. Negotiate how your brand will be mentioned in their content. Is it on the credit or main section? 

Work with Influencers

social media logosThis trick may be outdated already, but its effectiveness is still unquestionable if done properly. And you have probably become skeptical with influencer after you read how this influencer with 2 million followers failed to sell 36 shirts. However, all you need is to leave digital traces as many as possible. Therefore, pay only for a campaign that stays forever, such as a mention on an Instagram feed, for example. 

Join a Social Cause

Now that you’ve got the basics of how you can improve your company’s branding on the Internet, you should learn to choose which activity is best to be published there. And among all things, participating in a social cause is always your best bet for marketing. For example, today’s animal lovers often gather in forums created on social media platforms. Join them and sponsor their acts. Unlike in the past, you don’t have to waste your money on printed brochures. All can be done digitally and cheaply. For instance, a Facebook post containing your brand’s name that gets shared by hundreds of people is just as effective as renting a billboard on the highway. 

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