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Four Branding Hacks That Can Help You Stick Out

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The survival of a business depends on how well its branding sticks out in the market, especially with today’s rapid growth of startups. Even if your company has been in the industry for years, you should still be concerned with nurturing your brand. And the best way to achieve that is to entrust a professional agency like Off the Lip, for example. But you should learn other tricks as well!

In this article, you’ll learn four branding hacks that can help you maintain and develop your company’s branding. 

Hire the Right Outsourcing Agency

Outsourcing today is the best solution for your company’s non-core tasks, such as customer service, marketing, and content creation. If your business focuses on app development, for instance, hiring a marketing agency allows you to allocate most of your resources to improve the quality of your product instead of wasting them on marketing tasks. Besides, today’s outsourcing business has already integrated with advanced cloud computing techs. It means that you can always access or share your data with the agency in real-time. 

Sponsor Creative Content

creative processSpending your resources on conventional digital ads, like Google Ads, Facebook

How to Pick the Right VPN Service

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The internet is one of the best inventions worldwide. It has made the world more like a global village because you can connect with people from different continents fast. You can access various online communication sites where you can interact with people through chatting, online calls, and video calls. Each country has its internet service providers. There are times you might be blocked from accessing specific sites in your country.

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will simplify your access to these sites.VPN is an extension of a private network across public networks. Creating a private network from an open connection guarantees you anonymity and privacy when browsing. Cyberbullying and negative criticism may have led to some sites getting blocked.

Some countries have had internet shutdowns because of fake news spread on social media. Many people, especially those who work online can be affected during such a period. Availability of VPNs has made it possible for one to connect to a private server securely. All you need is to download a VPN and internet shutdown will no longer be a worry. It would help if you were keen on choosing …

How Cameras Have Changed the World


Cameras have become popular over the years. In the past decade, we have observed people alternating from buying regular cameras. Instead, the majority of the population is content with the lenses they have on their smartphones. You can find various types of cameras in unique designs and functions.


A common phrase you are likely to hear in 2019 is “Netflix and Chill.” However, for us to enjoy the motion pictures we watch and share with friends and family, different cameras and lenses are utilized in the filming process. The shots are taken from and compiled for editing and processing of the final product. Another form of entertainment is making vines and memes. Without the camera, these things will never have come to exist. Currently, people do not care for live theatrical performances. Instead, some will open YouTube or any streaming platform and catch a film of their liking. All these things we can watch from our devices is because of the existence of cameras.


The invention of the camera has helped a lot of people. For example, those who want to earn a living from photography or videography. …

Five Reasons Why You Must Upgrade to an IP Security Camera System

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You may feel comfortable enough with your analog CCTV cameras.  But the truth is that the benefits are way more than just that. 

Value for Money

The thing about tech gadgets of any function is that they all have a life span. The sooner you upgrade them and sell what you currently have, the better your profit will be. And the same rule goes with CCTV cameras. The era of analog cameras has come to an end. If you sell them now, you can still probably salvage some money. But if you continue to wait for a year, for example, the chances are that no one is willing to buy them anymore. Your old CCTV cameras go straight to the dumpster. 

Better Performance

Technology is developed, not without purpose. New wireless cameras are also better in terms of signal processing, optical zooming, image stabilizing, and dynamic ranging. In fact, you’d be totally wrong if you think wireless cameras can’t provide image quality as good as the cabled ones. It’s the exact opposite! Wireless security cameras are designed to have all of those features while maintaining versatile accessibility via the Internet.